How to find information structure in fieldwork

The BaSIS project uses diagnostics for information structure and nominal licensing, as gathered in a methodology document. To this methodology, a basic explanation of information structure has been added in text-book style, so that those unfamiliar with the field and its terminology can find an easy way into it. The resulting document, ‘The BaSIS basics of information structure‘, is primarily intended for fieldworkers on Bantu languages, but may be of use to others too.

Who can use the document and photos? Anyone who wants to study information structure, under fair use and acknowledgement.

Work-in-progress: As the document is in constant development, any suggestions for improvement will be much appreciated – please contact Jenneke.

Visual stimuli for eliciting information structure

The stimuli described and used in the methodology document are also given below, for ease of use. All photos are taken by Jenneke van der Wal, with the consent of the portrayed people for use in the methodology.

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