Reading groups

Autumn 2020 – Northwestern Bantu

Location:     Online (Skype join link:

Date/time:    13:30-14:30 CET Wednesdays
23 Sept, 7 Oct, 21 Oct, 4 Nov, 18 Nov, 2 Dec, 16 Dec

Goals of the reading group:
The reading group is focussed on the following two questions:

  1. How do Northwestern Bantu languages vary from (other) narrow Bantu languages and from Bantoid/other Niger-Congo languages?
  2. What variation is there within the Northwestern Bantu languages?

We will read 1 paper for each session and discuss general thoughts about the paper and answer these two questions. On the basis of the languages the participants know, we will build up a typology of Northwestern Bantu to gain further insight into the patterns and variation.

Please contact Zhen, Lis, or Jenneke to be added to access the papers via Surfdrive!


23 SeptemberDelimiting Northwestern Bantu: Bantu vs Bantoid, Niger-CongoBlench (2015) Marten (2020)
7 OctoberPhylogenetic approachesGrollemund et al. (2018) Holden & Gray (2006)
21 OctoberCase studies in variation: AugmentGrégoire & Janssens (1999)
4 NovemberCase studies in variation: UmlautBostoen & Muluwa (2014)
18 NovemberCase studies in variation: Relative constructionGood (2017)
2 DecemberCase studies in variation: PhonologyHyman (2008) Idiatov & Van der Welde (2016)
16 DecemberWord order of Proto Niger-CongoGensler (1994)

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