Accepted for publication

Asiimwe, Allen, and Jenneke van der Wal. Counterexpectations: The multifunctionality of the particle –o in Rukiga. To appear in Nordic Journal of African Studies. manuscript for comments


Van der Wal, Jenneke, and Allen Asiimwe. 2020. The residue of the conjoint/disjoint alternation in Rukiga. Studies in African Linguistics 49 (1). 43-59.

In preparation

Van der Wal, Jenneke, and Stavros Skopeteas. Glossary of information structure (version Nov 2019)

Van der Wal, Jenneke. On the use of idioms for testing focus. manuscript for comments

Van der Wal, Jenneke, and Aurélio Simango. Subject inversion in Changana. manuscript for comments

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